Who is your favorite driver?
Recently my favorite driver has been Jeff Gordon. I was a big Earnhardt Sr. fan before his untimely death. It was hard to pick out another driver to root for, but I had been following Jeff since his first days in Cup racing and was impressed with his driving.

When did you start Sim racing?
I started with Nascar 1, whenever that was...... a long time ago. At first I raced using the keyboard and advanced to a Mad Catz wheel and pedal! I've got every edition of the game plus Grand Prix Legends and Sports Car GT

What got you into Sim racing?
Believe it or not my old boss got me into racing. He was a big gamer and he introduced me to Nascar 1. On weeknights and weekends we would race each other and I really got hooked

Most memorable moment in Sim racing?
A few years back, the 30 Plus Racing team helped another group of drivers put their league together. Mule sent a few of us over to race with them and to show them how it was done. Daytona was the track and Thumbs and I showed the way to the end with me taking the checkered against a very tough field of drivers. It was a very rewarding victory for myself and the team

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I currently live in Erlanger, Kentucky and I've also spent many years in Denver, Colorado.

How old are you?

What kind of wheel do you have?
I drive a red Logitech Momo. And yes the Mad Catz is still sitting on the shelf!

What is your favorite and least favorite track?
I have three favorite tracks: Atlanta, Lowes and of course The Lady in Black. My least favorite is Richmond, It's like spin city trying to get into turn 1 there.

If you have to pick a NASCAR driver you mirror in sim racing who would it be?
Terry Labonte sticks in my mind the most, very professional and not a trouble maker.

How much time do you spend Sim racing in a week?
Normally I would spend several nights a week behind the wheel. Lately.... not enough to be competitive. 30 Plus Racing has grown tremendously over the years and we have without a doubt some of the fastest and finest drivers on the net!

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?
Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob...... the founders of A.A. They have been instrumental in helping hundreds of thousands of people deal with Alcoholism.

What hobbies do you have outside Sim racing?
Cars..... I am restoring a 1965 Porsche 356C. I like to build things and do remodeling projects. If I can tinker with it.... let me at it.

What kind of PC do you have?
I have a Gateway computer with a 1000 Mhz AMD Athlon processor with 256 MB ram, Nvidia G-Force 5200 AGP, video card, Creative Labs surround sound speaker package. It's getting old and a new one is rumored to be coming soon!

Are you married or have family?
Married to the lovely Kathy, many of you have met her at the last 30 Plus Gathering of the Faithful. I have 5 children from a previous marriage, and I adopted two of Kathy's 3 kids. So when the holidays come around you better bring your own chair!

What do you enjoy most about racing here at 30plus?
Years ago I ran the Papy loop circuit and raced where ever I could get in at. I found Mule and the boys in October of 2001 and have raced with them ever since. 30 Plus Racing involves itself in charitable causes through it's racing and I'm proud to be an active part of that. Everybody here is your friend, and there is nothing we won't do for each other. I am fortunate and grateful to be a member of the 30 Plus Racing Team!