Who is your favorite driver?
Mark Martin

When did you start Sim racing?
It started with Bill Elliott racing on a Odessy game console and then onto the Nascar series on the PC.

What got you into Sim racing?
A buddy HT_Paul With Nascar '99 We used to dial each other up and just run with the AI cars.

Most memorable moment in Sim racing?
Every Night of Racing with the 30+ Family.

Where are you from?
Trumbull Ct.

How old are you?

What kind of wheel do you have?

What is your favorite and least favorite track?
Hmmm, tough one, Don't really have a favorite but I am not real fond of the flat tracks.

If you have to pick a NASCAR driver you mirror in sim racing who would it be?
Mark Martin.....I just try not to be a weapon out there.

How much time do you spend Sim racing in a week?
Not enough.

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?
George W. Busch..........So I can tell him what a Putz he is.

What hobbies do you have outside Sim racing?
Workin on the house and messin around with the RC cars. Those Nitro cars are a blast.

What kind of PC do you have?
Home built but it is time to build again this one is showing it's age.

Are you married or have family?
Been married 25 years to a very understanding wife Beth, and oh yea my other hobby is keeping the boys away from my 16 year old twin daughters....hehehe.

What do you enjoy most about racing here at 30plus?
The way anybody will jump into help anyone out.