Who is your favorite driver?
The late great Dale Earnhardt.

When did you start Sim racing?
The summer of '03.

What got you into Sim racing?
My brother told me about a cool new sim that you could race online against others in. So I thought i'd check it out.

Most memorable moment in Sim racing?
My first race. I became instantly addicted to sim racing after that.

Where are you from?
Clifton Park, NY

How old are you?

What kind of wheel do you have?
TSW2 Cup.

What is your favorite and least favorite track?
My favorite would have to be Texas and worst would be Infineon.

If you have to pick a NASCAR driver you mirror in sim racing who would it be?
Mark Martin.

How much time do you spend Sim racing in a week?
6-8 hours.

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?

What hobbies do you have outside Sim racing?
Camping, hiking, fishing, bonfires.....basically anything outdoors.

What kind of PC do you have?
Home built.

Are you married or have family?
I am married and have 2 children.

What do you enjoy most about racing here at 30plus?
Fierce competition and longlasting friendships.