Who is your favorite driver?
Awesome Bill Elliott

When did you start Sim racing?
On line about five years now. I started with NASCAR 3 I believe, but played a lot of Grand Tourism on playstation and Daytona USA on Sega

What got you into Sim racing?
Just love racing, all kinds

Most memorable moment in Sim racing?
I guess it was my first win here at 30+ keeping Draft behind me at Daytona with a little coaching from the booth,Thanks Mule

Where are you from?
I live in Allentown Pa.

How old are you?
42years old

What kind of wheel do you have?
I have a red memo

What is your favorite and least favorite track?
My favorite is Darlington, love that place. My least is got to be New Hampshire

If you have to pick a NASCAR driver you mirror in sim racing who would it be?
Bill Elliott of course. Can't run a short track to save my life, but can hold my own on the bid tracks

How much time do you spend Sim racing in a week?
NOT ENOUGH for sure.. Maybe 6 hours on a good week

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?
Buddy Ryan..He can walk the walk and talk the talk!!!!I'll never be an Eagles fan again

What hobbies do you have outside Sim racing?
Tinkering with cars, computers,working with wood

What kind of PC do you have?
Home built..P4 2.6 ATI card works good

Are you married or have family?
Yes I'm married and I have two boys

What do you enjoy most about racing here at 30plus?
This place is a lot of fun. I think we all get along great.. The competition is awesome. Everyone is so helpful when you have a problem or need a setup...Anyway I like razzing Mule