Who is your favorite driver?
Denny Hamlin and Joe Gibbs racing team.

When did you start Sim racing?
I started about 3 years ago.

What got you into Sim racing?
I went to a Nascar race at Talladega and got hooked when my hat blew off when they went by. Then I saw an article about Nascar drivers using the PC to practice. I researched and found that NS2003 was the standard. I tried to find a program and the only place I could find it was Ebay and spent $100 for the thing. Hooked up with a league and have been racing since.

Most memorable moment in Sim racing?
Each race has something memorable about it, and I think thatís why I enjoy it.

Where are you from?
Memphis, TN.

How old are you?

What kind of wheel do you have?
ECCI. A Christmas presents a couple of years ago.

What is your favorite and least favorite track?
Talladega is the favorite and any road course is the least favorite.

If you have to pick a NASCAR driver you mirror in sim racing who would it be?
Probably Jeff Burton. Not overly aggressive and happy with top 10.

How much time do you spend Sim racing in a week?
Probably too much. Race at least 2 nights a week and then practice whenever I can.

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?
My Dad who has passed away to just talk one last time.

What hobbies do you have outside Sim racing?
Fishing, Golf, Flight simulation, and I run a youth bowling travel league.

What kind of PC do you have?
HP media center Iíve had for 3 years.

Are you married or have family?
Married to my best friend. Yes she is a woman. Four great children all grown up and doing well. Two grandbabies that make getting old ok.

What do you enjoy most about racing here at 30plus?
It would have to be the people, and the quality of racing here.