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Howdy and welcome to our site.

We are a bunch of guys over 30 years old, Hence the name 30+. You do not have to be 30 years old to race in our league, but must be in order to be on our team. This league has been sim racing for over 10 years now. We have all kinds of racing for the beginner to the expert. We have developed friendships here and hope to make many more.

As a proud member of the 30+Family, we strive to present a mature attitude towards racing, and we race for the pure enjoyment of it (as opposed to the mind set that we must win).

However, along the way, if we should earn a Racing Championship we will be happy to let everyone know that the "Old dogs have kicked some butts!" We strive for fun, friendship, sportsmanship, and respect.

That is what makes the Racing fun and pleasing to all. So enjoy your stay with us and may your race be long and green !


Some 30+ History.

30+Racing was founded in Fall of 2001 by 30+Mule. With help from 30+Shack and 30+Chinook in getting it up and running. 30plusracing is/was an extension of the 30+clan. Mule had a passion for racing and agreed to start and maintain the racing site.

In December 2002 a drawing was held for a Earnhardt diecast. Mule went to Coocoo Marlin's house for him to pick the winner. Click on the link to see the video CooCoo drawing Video

30+Racing has ran Papyrus NASCAR Racing Sims, The Sim Factory ARCA 08 Sim, SimBin Studios GTR, and some iRacing. We have ran Iroc, Late Models, ARCA, Trucks, Busch, 1990, Cup.

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