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Heads up!!! Please read this before you read the 30+Racing rules

Hello all! This is about the rules posted below. Please read them and understand them. We are very SERIOUS about them especially the CHAT rules! As you read over them you may find things that we overlooked. This was not meant to be a book, but rather a guideline for us to try and inspire good racing! If you look at the rules you see that if you cause 2 accidents then you will have to park it for the night! One thing that you will notice is that some penalty's have to be done by protest. This is not saying that we will not enforce them if seen, but rather to let you know that we cannot see everything that goes on, on the track. If you have one of those incidents happen to you please report it. It is the only way to make the other driver realize what that driver is doing and also make it better racing for all.

General Rules and Information

1.1 Have Fun. Rules are necessary to achieve a fair and level playing field, but drivers should never lose sight of the fun factor. While it is easy to get caught up in the competition, try to keep a level head. The very nature of stock car racing involves some bumping and accidents will happen.
1.2 The purpose of these rules is to create a clean, competitive race environment, which is as accident free as possible. Drivers are expected to contribute to this atmosphere. I want this league to run faster and cleaner than most any other league and I need your help to do so.
1.3 Drivers are expected to be prepared for their race and be able to maintain a high and low line for each track. It is your responsibility to control your car at all times.
1.3a Admins cannot see everything, but if seen or brought to their attention Admins may enforce rules at their discretion with or without a protest.
1.3b First come, first served on race nights. This means if you drop or are late getting into the server on a race night your spot is not held.
1.3c It is up to each individual driver to check for suspensions. If a driver shows up and has been suspended the driver will not be scored for that event and any cautios accumulated during that race will be added to their total.
1.4 Do not rely solely on your spotter. Use your mirrors to give you real time placements of your fellow drivers.
1.5 Situational Awareness. Live it breathe it and know it. This will keep you and others out of trouble on the track.
1.6 Respect others on the track and they will respect you. If you do not the admins will get involved.
1.7 If you decide another driver needs some discipline you may contact the admins. If you decide to take action yourself you will be dealt with severely.
1.8 Your being a Member of 30+Racing is contingent on you being able to connect to our server in a manner that makes it safe to race with you.
1.9 If you do not race in any series for a season you will lose your number.
1.10 30+Racing asks that you use 1 and only 1 ID, as the scoring will reflect all ID's used.
1.11 Numbers will be given out on a first come first serve basis.
1.12 All in game rules will be enforced no questions asked.
1.13 Substitute drivers are not allowed. This is considered cheating the points system that we have in place.

TeamSpeak and Chat

2.2 Flaming is defined as any badgering, swearing or chatter referring to an on track incident. This could be anything from "wtf, "lmao" to "not mine" to anything said sarcastically or anything negative. If you're not sure about what your fixing to say then please do not say it. Any breach of this rule is grounds for suspension or expulsion from the League. No one wants to hear this stuff period.
2.3 There is to be NO TYPED CHAT except Pitting this lap and Exiting pit during Green flag runs. No other typed chat period. If you must chat please wait till the caution comes out. No Chat violations could get a reminder/warning from the admin or have penalty points or provisional's assessed to that driver depending on the severity of the chat.
2.4 Regular typed chat may only be used during pace laps and under caution. All chat must stop with the one to go signal.
2.5 You must refrain from profanity or derogatory remarks in servers, TeamSpeak, icq, email, irc or any other communication that may reflect on Team 30+.
2.6 It is recommended that you be on TeamSpeak. The drivers meeting and race info is given by TeamSpeak only. You can be on TeamSpeak without a mic.
2.7 Green flag chat is to be kept at a minimum. Some things that can be said: Pass me high/low, pitting, I am looking high/low. That kind of thing.
2.8 If you bring out a caution and/or in a caution after you have your car back under control call Mine or Involved with your racing name and number only.
2.9 Chatting under yellow after everyone gets in line and at pace speed is permitted. All non-race chat needs to stop as the leader gets to turn3 before the restart.
2.10 TeamSpeak under caution is not the place to discuss the actual caution incident or who is to blame or that another driver other then yourself is an idiot ect.
2.11 If you are on TeamSpeak and have a mic use push-to-talk (no voice activation!) only . It could save you a lot of embarrassment and/or from getting banned.

Pre-Race Practice

3.1 Practice will begin at 7:00pm Eastern. There will be a drivers meeting followed by qualifying and a 5-minute warm up.
3.2 Use practice to get a feel for your set up and the other drivers. Figure out where you can pass and where you cannot.
3.3 All entering pits and exiting pits chat messages must be given during practice.


4.1 No chat is allowed during the qualifying period. If you breach this rule then you must abort your qualifying run or You will have to serve a provisional the next race that you attend.
4.2 If you have game commander as I do it is recommended that you turn this off during qualifying to avoid inadvertent messages.
4.3We will reset the server right after practice to have a short drivers meeting to go over the rules and to let drivers know if there is anything specific to look out for at that racetrack. After that there will be no resets or waiting on drivers period.

Warm Up & Resets

5.1 This period will last 5 minutes. This period should be used for a break and to find your pit stall. You are responsible for knowing where and how to pit before the race.
5.2 Once the server has switched over to warm up, the only time the race session will be reset is for someone who has qualified or received a provisional, and can't get into their car due to a "grayed out" drive button. The race session may also be reset for problems that happen before the green flag waves. There will be no waiting for drivers who are not on the server.


6.1 Only the drivers that get together and start the caution are to say "involved" or "mine". If you are a driver that is collected in the incident you are not to say "involved" or "mine". The purpose of the "mine" or "involved" is to help the admin figure out what lap and who was involved.

All drivers must be able to control their cars as well as handle the high and low line of the given track each week. Good car control creates "Normal" racing conditions. When a driver is slow, off the pace for some reason or causes other drivers to react abnormally, This creates "Abnormal" racing conditions.

Any driver that causes an abnormal racing condition which brings out a caution will be charged with that caution. IE.-Driver A catches the apron while in the turn and has to slow to regain control of his car. He manages to regain control, but Driver B behind him has to slam on the brakes to miss him. Regardless of whether Driver B hits Driver A or not, Driver A would be charged with this caution. If Driver A would not have hit the apron, Driver B would not have had to take evasive action, and would not have spun or made contact with Driver A.

Driving lines will be looked at. If you have position on a car and he changes lanes or causes the accident then he will be given the caution or vise versa. If you are not sure back off and try again in a lap or 2. Breach of this rule will result in being charged with a caution. This rule supersedes all 7.x rules.
6.2 If you cause a caution.

  • Self Spin caution no damage to others.
  • If you make contact w/ other cars which causes them to lose a position or cause damage to them.

  • You must restart at the end of the pack.

  • Accumulate 3 races with 1 or more cautions in a row you will be forced to serve a one race suspension.
  • Race suspension is to be served the next race.

  • NOTE:Blown engine. Makes it safely to apron without causing other cars damage. No penalty.
  • 6.2a If a driver hit's another driver intentionally (regardless of damage) that driver will be suspended in all series for that season and points removed. Second time driver will be gone from league.
    6.3 If a driver causes 2 yellow flags during a race, he must park his car. If the driver continues after causing his second caution the admin will review the race and determine what lap the second caution was charged to the driver and the scoring will end there. If a driver continues and causes more cautions they will be deducted from his point total as well.
    6.4 Whenever a caution flag waves, the driver(s) that caused the caution will only be 1 more incident from having to park his car for the evening. Drivers that cause a caution must use a chat message such as "Mine" or "involved" after the caution flies. If you are not sure if you caused the caution say "involved" please . Remember this is a requirement.
    6.5 All incidents that involve two drivers not being sure of who caused the caution will have the incident looked at by the Lead Admin for that Series. In the event the lead admin cannot come to a decisive conclusion as to who or whom caused the caution flag, both drivers will be charged with 1 incident and they will split the penalty points.
    6.6 If for any reason a driver is off the race speed pace, that driver is expected to retire from the race. This includes, but is not limited to, being heavily damaged due to an accident or being slow due to lack of preparation for the event.
    6.7 Bump drafting is ok but you'll be penalized if you cause a wreck doing it.
    6.8 There is to be no advancing of position below the white lines at Super Speedways. You may go down there for safety reasons, but no advancement or will result in being charged a caution. The replay will need to be submitted by the offended party.
    6.9 Keep your eyes open for race chat and trouble. An aware driver is always a better driver.
    6.10 Purposely stopping on track to bring out the caution will earn you two cautions.
    6.11 Lucky dog rules for ARCA. There is no racing back in ARCA at all. The Lucky dog is given by the Sim. You will be notified by the Sim in the lower left window after the leader takes the caution.
    6.12 If the would be Lucky dog brings out the caution he will not be alowed to get the Lucky dog. There will not be a Lucky dog for that caution.
    6.13 All drivers need to hold the lower line after the leader takes the caution to let the Lucky dog by. The Lucky dog needs to pass safely on the high side.
    6.14 The Lucky Dog needs to position himself at the tail end of the field. Except Wave around cars. He will have to do this by going through the pits until he is behind all cars so he will be at the end of the line. It is the drivers responsibility to be at the end of the line. If the driver does not attempt to get there then the admin will give him a Stop and Go or will be scored tail of the lap he is on if found after the race.
    6.14a Wave around cars start behind the Lucky Dog car if there is one. If there is more then one wave around car they must line up in order they are before passing the pace car. No passing another wave around car lining back up for the restart.
    6.15 All races will be run with 2X Fuel 1X Tires.

    Starts and restarts

    7.1 Starts and restarts are the most dangerous times of a race. Please be careful.
    7.2 Restarts will be double file. The lap cars are expected to give way if not up to speed.
    7.3 All drivers should maintain at least .2 between each other. It is also recommended that you stagger until the one to go is given with the odd starting positions going low and the even numbered positions going high.
    7.4 Yellow flag incidents will be dealt with severely. The spinning or hitting of another car during a yellow flag condition will be an automatic penalty. These incidents will have to be brought up to the lead admin by the driver involved. The driver who does this will be charged with a caution and or provisional the next race depending on the severity of the incident. The replay will need to be submitted by the offended party.
    7.5 The leader of the race starts the green flag period. Passing going into turn one lap one of a start or restarts will receive a penalty, except if your line is moving faster than the other line. You may then advance with your line past the other line. The replay will need to be submitted by the offended party.
    7.5b No passing till turn one on restarts unless there are 10 or less laps to go in the race. However you cannot pass before the Start/Finish line.
    7.6 You also will be allowed to pass going into turn 1 with under 10 laps to go, but not before the Start/Finish line. Drivers also remember "If we receive the "1 to go" signal with 11 laps to go in the race, we can pass into turn 1 on the restart"


    8.1 There is no excuse for not knowing the pit speed prior to the race.
    8.2 Know the blend lines and use them. Use your mirrors to see where others are before blending.
    8.3 Enter and exit signals must be given.
    8.4 Pit exiting will be on the back stretch when possable.


    9.1 When the yellow flag comes out drivers should maintain their positions and stay at race speed (This speed is dictated by the race leader and the cars in front of you, use your mirrors) until the front stretch. Racing back to the line is not allowed. If someone does race back then they will get a provisional the following race. The replay will need to be submitted by the offended party.
    9.2 When taking the yellow flag please let off at the s/f line and coast to the end of the backstretch where the pace car will pick you up.
    9.3 There will be no pitting on the going to green lap after you have passed the S/F line. Example: If you try to stay out to get the 1 bonus points and cross the S/F line and it says going green next time around you are not to pit even if running out of fuel.

    Pace laps

    10.1 Maintain at least .2 gaps between cars.
    10.2 Stagger for safety until the one to go signal is given with the odd starting positions going low and the even numbered positions going high.
    10.3 No tire warming allowed.

    Lapped cars

    11.1 Lap cars should hold their line when being passed by lead lap cars. Please pick your lane at least a half a lap before they approach you and then concentrate on holding your line and not on what they're doing in your rear view mirror. The only exception is lap cars racing for position. In this case it is up to the lead lap cars to make the clean pass.Racing for position is defined as being with in 2 car lengths.
    11.2 If a caution comes out with less than 10 to go the lap cars are expected to drive through the pits As many times as needed to get to the rear of the field before the one to go signal is given. This will allow the lead lap cars to line up nose to tail. Note in ARCA It will tell you to line up on the inside with less than 10 to go this is an error do not line up inside the lead lap cars.


    12.1 If connection issues continue during a race please take upon yourself to take yourself out. If you do not and your asked to leave and you do not leave you will receive a one-race suspension. Remember part of being in this league is contingent upon you being able to connect to the server.
    12.2 No wireless connections. You need to be wired to your modem and/or router.


    13.1 If you lose your connection you cannot rejoin (The Sim will not let you). If you lose it again please stay out for this particular race.
    13.2 If half of the field gets booted it's considered a "mass boot".. If this happens before the halfway point, the race will be rescheduled. If it happens at or after the halfway point, the race is official.. Official standings will be recreated from the race server's replay if an official export is not generated

    Post-Race Procedure

    14.1 All drivers are expected to drive back to their pit stall after the checkered flag. This is to confirm scoring. Please do not chat until all racers have crossed the finish line thus ending their race. Remember those drivers are still out there racing for position. Also Penalties have been known to be scored after the race is complete.
    14.2 The scoring provided is final. Subject to obvious server errors judged by the Admin.

    Driver Protests

    15.1 If you are involved in an incident with a fellow driver and you feel that driver should have been penalized and may not have been then please protest. You must give a replay as well as an explanation. If the driver is found to be guilty he will be charged with a caution. Please send all protests to your lead admin
    15.2 You will have till 12:00 P.M. of the next day to submit your protest of another driver.

    Penalty Protests

    16.1 If you are Charged with an incident and you feel the call is wrong you can protest. Once the lead admin receives your protest with the replay (You must submit your replay) he will then forward it to three other 30plus members who have been lead admins at one time or the other.
    16.2 All protest's of penalty's must be submitted within 24 hours of the results being posted. Please send your protests to your lead admin
    16.3 If you submit one protest during the season and it is not overturned that is your one free rejected protest. From there each time you protest and it is not overturned you maybe told to start in the back of the field on the next race. Note: this is to limit protesters who think we have nothing better to do that to review replays. Be sure of what your protesting !!

    Points System

    17.1 Official Nascar scoring will be used.

    Also the 30+Racing Forum is also NOT the place to vent your frustrations after the RACE. If you do, Those posts WILL BE DELETED. Discussion in a mature manner will be accepted and allowed. But NO FLAMING THERE EITHER please. It's a site ran in a "Family" style so let's keep it in a mature fashion. Thanks. If you don't agree with these rules and cannot follow them, don't race.

    Remember this is to HAVE FUN Be patient and take your time. Any questions or comments regarding those rules listed above, e-mail

    Thanks and lets go racing

    Sim Factory Leagues