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Join 30+Racing League

Hello and welcome to our join form. We want to thank you for your interest in this league. We have been sim racing here for over 10 years. We run the ARCA Sim Racing Sim. We are not a league who lets drivers just sign up and put them in the series they wish without providing us with good information about themselves. That is not to say that we do not accept all skill levels of drivers. We just want to make sure we put drivers in an environment where they can be competitive.

When you submit this form you will be sent an information letter with details on how to finish up joining one of our series. If you follow those steps it lets us know that your serious about wanting to race here. There will be a lot of info in that letter that will instruct you on how to reserve your car number as well as other information about getting started. We put this on this join form so that new drivers know what to expect. We maintain our site through our members and do not charge anything to race here. We are mature in our racing and expect drivers to be of the same cut.

Email: (must be from your ISP)
Your Online Racing Name:
Who recommended you:
I have read and agree to the 30+rules
I will follow the decisions of the 30+ Admins
What is your current skill level in SimRacing:

Which of our Sim racing Series would you like to run in:
ASRx Truck Tuesday Series
ARCA Sprint Cup Thursday Series
I will go to the New Joins part of the Forum and do everything there before I Race
Internet Connection Speed:
Birthdate (month/day/year):
Do you have racing experience with another league?
Note: You must provide links to league results pages and your online
handle to determine what series you are allowed to race in.
Otherwise you may have to run in the starter series.
How did you find out about 30+?
By submitting this form you profess that you agree to abide by all Rules and Regulations enforced by this organization; will follow the admins, conduct yourself in a professional manner, and represent this organization to the best of your ability; all information contained herein is truthful and complete to the best of your knowledge.

This form is only read by one person all SPAM LINKS are automatically and immediately deleted.

TIP: Use your back button to refill the form if the submission fails.