These tweaks are for a setup you feel pretty comfortable with. When adjusting, always start with corner entry, then the middle, then the exit.

Overall tight.  

Tight on entry.

Tight on exit.

Increase rear weight %.
Less cross weight %.
Lower rear spoiler angle. 
Add more grill tape.
Smaller front sway bar.
Larger rear sway bar.
Lower steering ratio.
Increase front camber.
Raise track bar.

Lower RF tire psi.
Raise RR tire psi.
Soften RF spring.
Stiffen RR spring.
Lower compression RF shock.
Raise rebound LR shock.
Smaller front sway bar.
Increase RF camber.
Raise LR track bar.

Lower LR tire psi.
Raise LF tire psi.
Soften LR spring.
Stiffen LF spring.
Lower rebound LF shock.
Raise compression RR shock.
Larger rear sway bar.
Increase LF camber.
Raise RR track bar.

Overall loose.

Loose on entry.

Loose on exit.

Decrease rear weight %.
Add cross weight %.
Raise rear spoiler angle.
Remove some grill tape.
Larger front sway bar.
Smaller rear sway bar.
Higher steering ratio.
Decrease front camber.
Lower track bar.

Raise RF tire psi.
Lower RR tire psi.
Stiffen RF spring.
Soften RR spring.
Raise compression RF shock.
Lower rebound LR shock.
Larger front sway bar.
Decrease RF camber.
Lower RR track bar.

Raise LR tire psi.
Lower LF tire psi.
Stiffen LR spring.
Soften LF spring.
Raise rebound LF shock.
Lower compression RR shock.
Smaller rear sway bar.
Decrease LF camber.
Lower LR track bar.

Slow in turns.

Slow on straights.

Braking issues.

Adjust camber.
More caster split.
Raise rear ride heights.

Shorter rear end gear.
Lower rear spoiler angle.
Lower rear ride heights.
Add more grill tape.

Tight under braking.
Less front brake bias.
Loose under braking.
More front brake bias.

Bad tire temps.

Bad tire wear.

Engine issues.

Temperatures low.
Stiffer springs.
Lower tire psi.

Temperatures high.
Softer springs.
Drive car easier.
Adjust camber.
Adjust tire psi.

Softer springs.
Lower tire psi. (hotter in center)
Raise tire psi. (cooler in center)
Drive car easier, don't beat on it!

Poor gas mileage.
Taller rear end gear.
Raise tire psi.
Lower rear spoiler.

Remove grill tape.
Taller rear end gear.