N4, 2002 & 2003 Game Tweaks

Open up your C:/papyrus/Nascar4/Nascar2002 or Nascar2003 racing season directory. These ini.file adjustments will work with all three sims. The performance gain hasn't been as great for 2003 as it was for 2002 but it'll still get you some frames. Look for your core.ini and open it with notepad or just by double clicking it. Look for the line that reads,


Just put a 1 in front of the number, So it'll read


Next, look for the


You'll have to calculate the amount of RAM you have. Just multiply your ram by 1024
Example: 512x1024=524288

Then insert that number so it reads,


***We have heard that on some computers Nascar 2003 will lockup and/or crash to the desktop when using values above 512 on your ram to configure your [Memory] Maxblocksize .

Save the core.ini file and close it.

Next, open the rend_ogl or the rend_d3d file, Whichever your running the game in, OpenGL or D3D.
look for the line that reads.

TextureSetSize= "????????"

The "number" is what you want to replace. There is a formula for this...
( Mb of video ram) x (1048576) - ( 4 x Screen Width) x ( Screen Height) x (BPP) Bits Per Pixel, use (2) for 16bit or (4) for 32bit color.
NOTE: 16bit color will be less of a performance hog then 32bit color
I listed the proper settings here, Just look and match up your resolution with your color depth and you'll find the answer to the formula for your TextureSetSize.

32mb video card running in 16bit "Don't even try 32bit, it'll be a waste of your time"
640x480= 31096832
800x600= 29714432
1024x768= 27262974
1152x864= 25591801
1280x960= 23724032
1600x1200= 18194432

64mb video card running in 16bit
1024x768= 60817408
1152x864= 59146240
1280x960= 57278464
1600x1200= 51748864

64mb video card running in 32bit
1024x768= 54525952
1152x864= 51183616
1280x960= 47448064
1600x1200= 56388864

128mb video card running in 16bit "Crank it up"
1024x768= 127926272
1152x864= 126255104
1280x960= 1246387328
1600x1200= 118857728

128mb video card running in 32bit "Crank it up"
1024x768= 121634816
1152x864= 118292480
1280x960= 114556928
1600x1200= 103497728

256mb video card running in 16bit "It'll happen"
1024x768= 262144000
1152x864= 260472832
1280x960= 258605056
1600x1200= 253075456

256mb video card running in 32bit "It'll happen"
1024x768= 255852544
1152x864= 252510208
1280x960= 248774656
1600x1200= 237715456

Then look for the,


Change the 8 to a 0


Save these changes and close the file.
Then, In your players directory. Open the Player file
Look for the line that reads

[Graphic Opitions]
texture_quality= -1

Change this number to a value between -1 and 100 for a increase in picture quality. This will give some performance hit, but the increase in eyecandy is well worth it.

[Graphic Opitions]
texture_quality= 100

There's a few more general things to keep in mind. The number of cars you draw ahead and behind will affect your FPS. The draw distance and mirror detail will affect FPS along with anisotropic filtering, lightmaps, reflections and shadows from cars or sturctures. Last but not least, Maximum Sounds Played has an effect on FPS. Lowering this to 8 seems to really help on many machines. These changes can be made under your options menu in the sims main menu screen. To tweak the most out of your system you'll want to play around with these settings until your happy with your FPS.

You can also take control of your Virtual memory settings. Under: Settings/Controlpanel/System/Performance/Virtual memory Select "let me Specify" Ignore the Windows warning. Then set your minimum and maximum to the same setting. Let's say, at least 500mb each or if you can spare it 1000mb minimum and maximum. This will prevent your HD from resizing it's memory Swap file during racing and eliminate some stuttering that occurs during game play.It's best to defrag often or even partition your HD with a 1gig partition and assign your virtual memory to that.