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Cup penality Point Standings

Note:We will have 2 races that will be dropped.

5/30/03 G-force24 Stats
6/06/03 30+MickStix Stats
6/13/03(PNL)ChrisGray Stats
6/20/03 30+Mickstix Stats
6/27/0330+Ely94 Stats
7/11/03(PNL)ChrisGray Stats
7/18/03 30+Brock Stats
7/25/03 30+DraftingPartner Stats
8/01/03 30+DraftingPartner Stats
8/08/03 (PNL)ChrisGray Stats
8/15/03 (PNL)ChrisGray Stats
8/22/03 30+DraftingPartner Stats